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Re: more on pigmented inks for the 3000

<x-charset iso-8859-1>It's not that they weren't good, they just weren't made from full range
originals.  They are the watercolor paper prints in the Epson show "America in
Detail", made on a 9500 with Epson Fine Art by Crane.  On the other hand there
was a report from a show in the UK on the 9000 list today where the new 5500,
which uses the pigment inks, had produced prints on watercolor paper that were
stunning, full range and with good blacks.  So I may be premature in my
assumption about Epson pigments and watercolor papers.  I'm testing Epson Fine
Art by Crane today and like it very much BTW.


> Dave:
> What printer and paper combination was used for the prints you saw that were
> good?
> J. Lipmanson
> Dave King wrote:
> The Epson ink has one amazing facility for a pigment,
> > printing on RC (Epson's Luster), and the result is excellent, but so far
> > prints I've seen on coated watercolor paper fall short of Generations.

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