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Re: more on pigmented inks for the 3000

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> In response to my last post there were responses of Generations and MIS.
> I know about these two and have tried
> Generations. I find it too restrictive in gamut and just a pain in the
> neck to get an acceptable print (I do profile). I am looking for
> Epson-like gamut in the pigmented form --- obviously, the Epson
> pigmented inks for the 3000. No one has anything that approaches it. So,
> my original question of whether the 3000 heads can take (withstand)
> "wide gamut" pigmented inks without undue clogging still stands. Why
> hasn't Epson made these inks available for other printers? They must
> realize that most users cannot afford the 7500.
> J. Lipmanson

I would like to see someone with access to both Generations and Epson Pigs
make a comparison on several coated watercolor papers.  I suspect Generations
will do better.  The Epson ink has one amazing facility for a pigment,
printing on RC (Epson's Luster), and the result is excellent, but so far the
prints I've seen on coated watercolor paper fall short of Generations.

I'm getting my best result with Generations so far on Archival Matte.  I have
some Epson Fine Art on order and I'm hoping it will be in the same family of
result as Arch Matte.

Dave King

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