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Re: Joe Kurland: Excessive ink in CMYK profiling

Joe Kurland wrote:
>I'm working on making profiles for art papers and I notice that 
>printing the callibration chart I get lots of dot gain and ink 
>spreading where any ink is 100%, and some puddling of inks too.  I 
>was printing with the photo quality ink jet setting.  Will the glossy 
>setting work better?  I'd rather not use up all my limited supply of 
>paper samples trying all the possible settings.
>Anything I can do to tell the printer not to use more than, say 95% 
>of any ink or do I let the profile do that once it's finished?
>Epson 3000
>MIS inks
>Photoshop 5.5
>Profiler CMYK
>Papers:  Arches hot press and cold press water color
>	Somerset velvet
>	Osprey Giclee
>	and some others

Yes. The reason that you're getting so much ink in the chart prints is that
you're printing through a CMYK workflow (I assume PressReady, although you
haven't specifically mentioned it). When you print this way, PressReady
doesn't have any ink limiting of it's own - in comparison to what happens
when you print RGB through the Epson driver, which does its own internal,
hidden ink limiting.

By adjusting the black generation controls in Profiler CMYK's user interface,
when you load the chart for printing through PressReady and subsequently
build the profile, you can reduce the amount of ink that's generated; this
gives you manual control over how much ink gets put down in the target.


David Miller

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