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Re: OT: Monitor woes

I'm curious if the cast is something that can be easily corrected through
Adobe Gamma.  Just use the contro panel option and click on the box within
control panels that gives you control over all three guns.  You'll get rid
of the cast in a few seconds.

No monitor is perfect out of the box.  As far as the distortion, I can't help.

-Andy Darlow

At 03:28 PM 1/27/01 -0000, you wrote:
>Apologies for this OT question.  I cannot find a digital imaging forum on 
>the net to ask.
>I've been struggling with several Samsung 900NFs and wondered if others on 
>the list - especially UK based members - have had similar problems.
>My first 900NF had a colour cast.  When I opened the box of the replacement, 
>I noted that the casing around the CRT was damaged in shipping.  The third 
>one also had a colour cast.  The fourth and current one is fine for colour 
>but has slight distortion which I cannot fix with any of the monitor 
>controls.  Luckily, I have a dealer with excellent customer service who has 
>been very patient with me so far.  Unfortunately, the dealer doesn't know 
>much about high-end graphics hardware so I can't solicit recommendations.
>Before giving up on Samsung, I'd like to find out whether my experience is 
>normal for 19" monitors.  The only viable alternative within the similar 
>price range seems to be the Mitsubishi Diamondtron 19" pro (currently 
>sporting a Diamondpro 920 badge here in the UK).  Has anyone experienced any 
>similar teething problems with Mits?  Can any UK list members recommend any 
>dealers with good customer service?  Unfortunately, my dealer doesn't stock 
>Mits.  And from what I've read on the list in the past, it seems like I 
>should steer clear of Sonys and Viewsonics.
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