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Monitor woes - how to "align" Hitachi HM-4420R monitor ?

Dear Group,       Sun, Jan 28, 2001

  I own a wondergul Hitachi fixed freq monitor (75Hz, 1152x870) on my Mac
and there are 4 or 5 pots for each color (RGB) plus two or 3 for the entire
video gain.  It needs adjustment because the color tone changes with
brightness control changes.

  The model is HM-4420R (sold by Radius), and it is more crisp and brighter
than most Trinitrons I have seen, so I want to keep using this 21"
workhorse with its 12"x 16" actual display area ("almost" two text pages at

  Does someone have a service manual, or know of a link to this procedural
info ?  I have tried mirage-mmc.com, and monitorworld.com and waiting for
replies, but I also think this is info interesting to us all.

Thanks,  Ed Monberg

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