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Re: Jerry Olson - Dedicated B&W

> H,

The Piezo inks are probably the very best quad inks out there.

I can get a deeper black with pauls curves on Epson Archival matte and the
epson driver that I can with the piezo software driver (not a huge difference,
but noticeable). Both systems print beautiful prints. You should try the piezo
inks and pauls curves first and see how you like them. You should then see the
exact same image using the piezo software and see how you like it. With
different images, one may be better than the other. We are speaking of small
differences here. They are noticeable, but not greatly so. The average non
photographer couldn't tell the difference to save his soul.  I am totally happy
with either pauls curves and the piezo inks and epson driver, or the regular
piezo system. If you are using Jerry Nevi's curve with MIS inks on Epson
archival matte paper, you will find equal results to the other 2. But MIS has
real problems on other papers, at least as far as I can see. You'd need other
curves or profiles to get the deep black that Jerry Nevins gets with his
transfer curve.

> As expressed by others before me, I would not opt to purchase the $295 Piezo
> software unless is were resoundingly clear that it was a superior system.
> Your statements with respect to the use of the "Roarke Curves" indicate that
> Piezo is not necessarily superior.

Depends on the image. Some images print better with the piezo driver, some
better with the epson driver. Either could be tweaked to match the other in
most cases. But I still do see a deeper black with paul's curves.
I never use semi gloss or glossy paper, so can't comment on that.


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