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Re: Stylus Color 3000 opinions wanted

Now Now, CD, I also posted very positive thoughts on the 1160, the E10 Digital
camera, and the Agfa T2500 and Canon 2710FS Filmscanner. I don't always post
just negative  reports. But I didn't have the same experiences with the 3000
printer that you do. Of course I also didn't use it for color, either. And while
the 3000 probably works great with epson color inks, it is sometimes quite
problematic with piezo.



> I have found the numerous 3000s I've worked with to be among the best built,
> most problem free inkjets I've ever used. Other opinions may vary; and of
> course Jerry could post a negative critique of any product in existance...
> valuable info but you need to keep it in perspective.

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