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Re: Stylus Color 3000 opinions wanted

In a message dated 1/25/01 9:12:51 AM, Carillon@Knews.com writes:

>Thanks for the reply... have you experienced any of the banding and paper
>feeding problems mentioned? 

I have found the numerous 3000s I've worked with to be among the best built, 
most problem free inkjets I've ever used. Other opinions may vary; and of 
course Jerry could post a negative critique of any product in existance... 
valuable info but you need to keep it in perspective.

How does the quality of the 3000 compare with
>the ESC 900? 

As I stated up front it doesn't... but unless you have smooth pale tones on 
glossy stock, its not much of an issue, and if you print on real watercolor 
or art paper its no issue at all.

I've got a bunch of inkjets to choose from when I go to print; but for 
reliability, consistancy, affordability, and flexibility, I print everything 
to the 3000. Then, if I decide I need a gallery quality print of a particular 
image, and there are visible dots that bother me in the 3000 print, I might 
make a single print from a more expensive to run printer.  That way I can 
make twenty or thirty 20 cent prints in a day, and only one or two of the 2 
dollar ones... your needs may run heavy to perfection and light on tests and 
standard prints, but it still saves money to have a 3000 in house, if you do 
much printing.  I would estimate that several hundred prints made on a 3000, 
instead of a small cartridge Epson, would pay for the machine in ink savings 
alone. I can leave the 3000 to print 40 or 50 images over night, and it won't 
run out of paper or ink in the process, something the photo-printers really 
aren't made for. Even if you are going to use a roll printer like the 
7000/9000, it saves money to proof images on cut sheets first, and you can 
print your 8x10s on the 3000 while you are printing larger images on the wide 
format machine, which has no sheet fed capabilities.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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