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Re: Bob Frost: Profiler RGB preview in Photoshop 6

>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 20:32:29 -0000
>From: "Bob Frost" <bob.frost@cwcom.net>
>Subject: Re: Major update to Profiler RGB documentation now available
>Thanks for telling us about the new notes for ProfilerRGB 2.07. They should
>help a lot of us. However much you add to them, there will always be someone
>with another question! There is one point which isn't quite clear to me,
>which may also help others. On p39 you describe how to use Profiler's
>Preview command, and in the last para you note that it hooks into PS6's
>Proof Setup command. You seem to be suggesting that we should first select
>our new profile in Profiler's Preview and then we can use it in Proof Setup.
>Surely with PS6 we can simply select our new profile under Custom in Proof
>Setup, alter intent or paper white, and then save it (as a .psf) so that it
>appears on the menu, without using Profiler's Preview command at all?


Yes, that's correct. The Preview function in the Profiler plugin isn't doing
anything that you can't do yourself, manually, in PS6's Proof Setup. It's
just doing it in one step, with a little bit less work.

(If you do it via Profiler, it should not only select and setup the preview
function for you, but also turn it on).


David Miller

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