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HELP missing profile window

For some reason my first message never made it to the list , so I will
post another one.  

I was at a photoshop class last night and the instructor was going over
my print setup and we noticed there was no (select profile) drop down
window in the advanced tab of my 1270 printer driver like there was in
his(I think his was a different model epson). He was running mac and I
am on a windows 98se pc. Could someone please help me figure this out.
The instructor couldn't give me an answer as to why this was. He
believes I am missing a box.

Where do windows folks select the profile? I would love to get the story
strait! The creative pro website tells me to put the printer profile in
the space dropdown box! Somebody else says to put rgb in the space box
and go to printer properties to select my printer profile. Somebody else
says that there is a box missing from my window! I was hoping that the
profiler rgb/spyder people could help me get this strait but the
software has never showed up yet.

It is easy to understand people who box all this stuff up and forget
about it. A person can only beat his head against a wall for so long
before he gets brain damage and right now I am getting close.

Thanks for any help anybody can give me.
Randy Laskody
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