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Contemplating a new purchase, opinions?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I've currently got a 740 which has served me quite well for the past year,
especially since I got it for cheap.

But, I need to be able to print larger... I need 11x14's for my portfolio,
so I've started looking at upgrading.

The 1270 seems to be the printer of choice for many, and it is great. BUT,
I'm hesitant to buy one with the new models arriving here shortly (I assume,
since they've been released in Japan already). But, this would be a $500
range purchase.

But, if you look around, you can find used or refurbished 1160's and 1200's
for the $200-300 range. So, that's where I'm really leaning. Here are my

Epson 1160, refurb for $200:
1. Same cartridges as my 740 (so I could still utilize both, very cost
2. 4 picoliter drop size
3. Piezography B&W compatible (down the line a bit- plus, again, I'd be able
to share the cartridges with the 740 if needbe)
4. Will do 13x19

Epson 1200, around $300 used or slightly less for refurb:
1. 6 color cartridge, though more expensive
2. 6 picoliter drop size
3. Piezography B&W compatible
4. Will do 13x19

So I guess my biggest issue is the 4 color vs 6 color, and the 4 picoliter
vs 6 picoliter decision. Will a 2 picoliter smaller droplet size make THAT
much of a difference. Will the difference be offset by better tones, etc
provided by the 2 extra inks?

Any opinions on that decision, 4 color/6color and 4pl/6pl??

Thanks in advance to all!


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