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Re: Start up recommendations

In a message dated 1/19/01 6:51:42 AM, danuger@mediaone.net writes:

My questions:
>        (1) Any recommendations on a small monitor to hook up to my PB
>display the image I'm working on? 

A 15" Sony Trinitron should be very affordable, and profile nicely. Just be 
sure to hardware calibrate it. Jon Cone is now selling the Monitor 
Spyder/PhotoCal, so that would be your best choice, and a local source.

 I don't want to spend a lot on size
>gadgets -- I'm happy to spread out palettes etc on the Powerbook screen.
>But I want a CRT I can calibrate and leave that way.
>        (2) Based on all I've read, I'm leaning toward the 1160 printer
>because of color stability fears and ink choice flexibility.  My only
>hesitation is that some of my images will probably be seen up close and
>number of them have lots of snow in them.  Some earlier inkjet prints of
>snow scenes I've seen (off an old 600) had clearly visible occasional dots
>in snow highlights that were slightly off white.  Does anybody want to
>I should go for a 1270?

Yes the light C&M would possibley reduce dots a hair, but the incredibly 
small dots form the 1160 should be nearly as good. I'd suggest clipping the 
near whites to white in your images instead,  just enough to eliminte the 
random dots.

>        (3) Should I upgrade to the latest photoshop rev?  Will it make
>life easier as I learn to master this stuff?

Yes, getting the RGB preview features of PS6 will save you time, ink, and 
paper, and the comprehansive printing profile functions are useful. Other 
feature improvements can be considered gravy.

>        (4) As far as color management, I don't want to spend a lot of
>playing with set-up; I just want it to work and spend my time focusing
>getting the image itself right (I do have a couple of other hobbies and
>job too).  I'm tempted to turn to ConeStudio ColorSupport products based
>what I've read.  What's the minimum I need to do/buy so as to not be tearing
>what hair I have left out?  I'm also tempted by Cone's products because
>in my backyard and maybe a workshop might be in my future if I really get
>into this.

Get a copy of ProfilerRGB bundled with your Spyder/PhotoCal package for a 
small amount more; if that doesn't do what you need, you can start looking at 
custom profile options later.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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