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Re: Arnold's Paper Questions

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Northeastern Motorcycle Tours wrote:
> I've often felt compelled to mention this and perhaps now is the time.  For
> those of you on the list who don't recognize Arnold Gassan's name, you
> might be interested to know that this is the photographer widely credited
> with refining Ansel Adam's zone system into it's modern practice.  His
> posts are always so modest that some on the list may not realize the
> talent, skill and experience this man has.  He's an important contributor
> to the development of photography as we know it now.  As his time and
> health allows, I think we should listen carefully to the advice he gives on
> this list knowing that it comes from a decades-long immersion in the
> teaching and practice of photography as an art form.

OK, Northeast, you compel me to add that Gassan's "Handbook for
Contemporary Photography" (4th edition 1977, Light Impressions, more since
then I believe) was the first "manual" (to my knowledge) that went BEYOND
Ansel Adams. Beside the basics, were "special processes" for large negs,
rundown on "alternative" photography, halftone, "random dot" (precursor to
stochastic?), lithography, & more. AFAIK, the ur-source before "Breaking
the Rules", Bea Nettles & co. Yes, if you could believe, life before
Photoshop !


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