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Re: Back on the List and Seeking Advice

Northeastern Motorcycle Tours <sreid@sover.net> writes on 31 October 2000 at 13:54:19 -0800

 > 1. Is the Epson 1200 with CIS the right printer for archival color?

Certainly one good choice (and the one I made).  Even the 1160 isn't a
poor choice, several people are happy with it, though everybody seems
to agree the output isn't quite as good as the 1200 for photos.

Everybody seems to love the nomorecarts CIS.  I'll install mine when
the current set of Generations cartridges run down.

 > 2. Are Generations inks still in favor?  If not, what have folks been using
 > successfully?

Lots of people seem to think so.  I'm still using them happily.  The
other one I hear most about is XTreme Gamut, and they don't profile
well with many packages (apparently the "light" colors are pretty

 > 3. Which papers seem to profile well and work well for the Generations 4 inks?

Weber-Valentine 770HGC, Somerset Photo Enhanced, Glacier.  No doubt
many more; those are the ones I have profiled and like so far.

 > 4. Has anyone had a chance to compare the 2000P output with the Generations
 > output? Results?

I think I've heard reports, but no personal knowledge.

 > 5. Can Monaco profile this stuff or will I need Horses? (now renamed to??)

Now renamed to Colorcal.  The product is Profiler RGB now.  

Dunno about Monaco, but WiziWYG has made good profiles for them for
me.   I'm just about to dive into the printer profile part of the
Colorcal bundle I got, perhaps I'll decide it makes much better

And good to have you back!
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