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Re: Spraying (was:Orange shift a myth?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Now that I'm spraying MIS arc ink prints on Ilford Glossy, I am starting to
feel more comfortable with the process.  I have an easel and I use clothes
pins to hold the corners so that the print is actually vertical.  I spray in
my basement.  It's enclosed and it's cold outside, so it will stay enclosed,
but I use a mask.  I spray straight across the top and then slightly overlap
the previous stroke just below it.  Then I wait about 10 secs and do it
again.  That's it.  By the time I go upstairs to get another print to spray,
the print just sprayed can be handled and removed from the easel.

I like using the easel because I can get below the print and watch the light
and make sure I'm spraying evenly.  I think having it vertical makes it
somewhat more even and less apt to pool here and there.  The spraying motion
seems easier to control precisely.

One observation about Krylon 1303 and 1305 (both very similar).  The acrylic
spreads out very smoothly over inked areas, but almost seems to fisheye on
the whiter and lighter areas of the print.  I think this is actually an
illusion of sorts, but it's still a real enough illusion.  A kind of reverse
bronzing.  Spraying solves some kinds of problems, but it's not perfect.

Joel Wilcox

> Actually, stuff drifting down on the wet prints is not much of a problem
> as long as the sun is out and it is not windy. At least where I live.
> Acrylic dries *very* quickly and as long as 3 or 4 minutes have elapsed
> since spraying, falling stuff doesn't stick. The worst time to spray is
> near dawn or dusk. Lots of flying insects that get caught in the spray.
> I don't much like spraying, but it seems to me still necessary for
> prints that are not framed or in an album.
> Holland
> Bob Meyer wrote:
> > > part.
> > >
> > And, of course, pray nothing drifts down on them while
> > they're drying.  I think I'd rather go back to a wet
> > darkromm than have to deal with spraying everything.

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