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Re: Classic Velour Problem & any alternatives??

<x-charset iso-8859-1>James E. Martz" <jemartz@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I wonder if there's any Luminous Classic Velour  in the "Traveling
> Portfolio", and if so, how it's holding up.

Yes there are.  I printed Generation Ink on Royal Plush (another rebranding
of the same paper).

I was one of the original contributors.  The prints were mailed to Rafe on
11 Feb. 2000, so they have been floating around for almost 9 months.  They
are not over sprayed or protected from the elements in any way and I would
also like to know how well they are holding up to being handled by so many
people.  This may not have been the original purpose of the Traveling
Portfolio, but it is a good test.

Bill Pitcher

PS:  Would whoever has the portfolio please email me.  We moved over the
summer and I need to change the contact information.

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