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Re: Converting Mac .ICC to Windows .ICM

In a message dated 10/30/00 7:24:55 PM, patrick@synaptic.bc.ca writes:

>Just this morning I received some Scanmaster 4500 profiles from
>Howtek.  Photoshop chokes on them because, I presume, they're Mac
>native files and I'm running Win95.  There's probably a way to
>translate these files for Windows, and I'm hoping someone here has the
>quick answer.

Color Profiles under Windows are written exactly to the ICC specs, and will 
be accepted with file name extensions of either .icc or .icm. Some third 
party developers may not have been clever enough to allow the .icc extension, 
so may require .icm. But that is substandard programming on their part, not 
MicroSoft's fault. A Mac profile may not have a file name extension at all, 
but adding one is not a big deal. If the profiles still choke with a file 
name extension, then it is likely due to some other violation of ICC 
protocols, though getting a utility that strips the Mac resource  fork off 
them would cover another slim possibility. Canned device profiles are seldom 
accurate enough to be worth the work of troubleshooting them, however.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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