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which papers give best results using Generations on the 1200?

Back on October 25th,  "Barry Kelsall" <bktimes@jps.net> said:

"I own both printers (..Buzz's addition..the 1160 & the 1200), with CIS, 
Generations w/ Beta Black, Matchlock Profiler RGB, and PhotoCal 2.1.1. The 
1160 is easier to profile, and works with many papers. The 1200 just lays 
down too much ink, and works with just a handful of papers. Photo output with 
this setup is just outstanding with the 1160. The 1200 is also impressive 
with the right paper, such as
MediaStreet's Glacier."

First of all, I don't want to debate the merits of either the 1160 or the 
1200. In fact, I'll probably get an 1160 soon and stash it away for future 
use if the 1270 type cartridges are to become the rule. I have a 1200 with 
CIS and Generations ink. I do golf swing sequences on Epson Matte 13X19" 
paper and am reasonably satisfied with the results. I am interested in which 
paper types others find work best on the 1200 with Generations ink.

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