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Re: Big-time clog of cyan on my 1160 w/CIS

"Michael D. Garrett" wrote:
> Did, literally, 20 head cleans. It slowly came back a ways, but still most
> nozzles are either faint or blurry, and some are missing.
> I checked the epson-inject FAQ and found advise to use windex, a tube, and
> compressed air to clean the nozzles. Any other advice?
> Also, they are not possitioned correctly on the nozzle check: many of the
> little dashed lines that make up the check pattern are too far to one side
> or a little high or low. That is troubling to me. Is this an artifact of the
> clog?

I wrote an article on the nozzle check utility at:

Other list members posted some good advice.

-- Ben Haskell, still several thousand messages behind

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