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Re: How long will it last?

Also, if mounted in a photo album, I have heard the albums with sticky
mounting are very bad for photos, the sticky stuff will react with the
photograph.  Imagine what would happen to an inkjet print...


Bob Meyer wrote:
> --- Mr645@aol.com wrote:
> > I am wondering what everyone here would guess as to
> > how long these following
> > prints may last.
> >
> > (1)Using the 1270 and the Heavyweight Matte paper.
> > Prints will be sprayed
> > with a lacquer and framed behind glass for indoor
> > display.
> There's one variable you haven't mentioned, and that's
> the intensity of the light they'll be exposed to.
> Assuming normal room lighting, I think you can expect
> something close to Epson's rating or 25 years.  But I
> wonder if spraying with lacquer is really necessary.
> There may be an interaction between the lacquer and
> the ink that could affect life.
> >
> > (2) Epson Premium Semi Gloss prints also sprayed and
> > sealed, then mounted in
> > a photo album so it will not be getting a lot of
> > light.
> The Semi Gloss, should perform about the same as the
> Premium Gloss, as they use the same micro-pore
> technology (I believe).  I think Epson rated the PGPP
> at 10 years under those conditions.

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