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Re: Converting Mac .ICC to Windows .ICM

<x-flowed>At 8:58 AM -0800 10/30/00, Patrick Jennings wrote:
>Just this morning I received some Scanmaster 4500 profiles from
>Howtek.  Photoshop chokes on them because, I presume, they're Mac
>native files and I'm running Win95.  There's probably a way to
>translate these files for Windows, and I'm hoping someone here has the
>quick answer.

There should be no need for any translation. ".icc" and ".icm" are 
different suffixes for the same file type. I typically recommend that 
people use ".icc" to avoid confusion and because it should be 
accepted on all platforms.

If you have troubles using the profiles they may be corrupted. Send 
them over and I'll take a look


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