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Re: CMYK at ColorVision (was: New 2.06 versions of Profiler/Doctor software posted)

In a message dated 10/29/00 9:36:45 PM, samcc@vom.com writes:

>I appreciate David giving us this alert and that cautionary note. 
>But having read the 2.06 Update Notes I'm not feeling so good about 
>The 2.06 Update Notes announce "... a change in specification ..." 
>for Profiler RGB: "If you need to build CMYK profiles, you will have 
>to use a different ColorVision product." Some change in 
>specification. (Are the White House staff already migrating to the 
>But this seemed not to affect me because months (that long!) ago, I 
>bought the different ColorVision product Profiler CMYK (and Doctor 
>Pro to go with it and Profiler RGB).
>The next sentence says, however, that "Profiler CMYK will not work 
>under Photoshop 6, and warns of this." So? So I got the wrong 
>"different ColorVision product". What's the right one? A $900 
>ProfilerPro that needs a spectrophotometer to keep it happy?
>Or is this period, end of story? Change of title to "Stranded by 
>Horses and Abandoned by ColorVision"?

Lets not get hysterical here... as I've mentioned before there are two 
intertwined issue here:  Photoshop 6 compatability, and ProfilerRGB's 
capacity to build CMYK profiles.

Photoshop 6 has eliminated chunks of code that Profiler software used in its 
CMYK process, and CMYK profiles will not be buildable under PS6 until this 
has been replaced.  This is true for all versions: ProfilerRGB, ProfilerCMYK, 
and ProfilerPro. Until this has been dealt with no version of the Profiler 
software can build CMYK profiles using Phothshop6, but all work fine with 
Photoshop 5.x. So no one is pressuring you to buy ProfilerPro; continue to 
use the software you have, or upgrade to the new eeds and budget allow. 
Nobody owes you a free update to your previous version that is compatible 
with newer programs, and if they offer such an update with a reduced feature 
set, then that's not such a bad deal. Keep in mind that many of the users 
that are being offered free updates never bought *anything* from ColorVision, 
and have been upgraded for free already from Horses MatchLock Profiler I or 

ProfilerRGB is being simplified to truely be an RGB profiling package. Those 
users which have been using it to build very simple CMYK profiles (similar to 
the fixed setting profiles available from EZ Color or WiziWYG) have been 
advised by me from the start that its preferable to use ProfilerCMYK for 
this, as it has the necessary tools to do it right. Remember that unless you 
have a true CMYK RIP, then CMYK profiles are unusable; and if you have spent 
the money on a RIP it makes sende to get the control that RIP offers by 
having ink limit and balck generation controls, which ProfilerRGB does not 
have in its CMYK profiles.

So, yes; one feature of limited value has been eliminated from updates of 
ProfilerRGB, in part due to changes in Photoshop 6. If this causes you to not 
have a warm fuzzy feeling about ColorVision, I think you are missing a lot of 
other factors... particularly as a ProfilerCMYK owner, who shouldn't have 
been bothering this this feature anyhow.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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