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re: inkjet for pass port photos?

>>They're not picky at all.  Your biggest challenge will be to meet 
>>the image size requirements of the passport.  Make sure your 
>>forehead to chin and ear to ear measurements match the guidelines 
>>on the passport form.
>At 7:03 PM -0800 10/29/00, Bob Tyson wrote:
>But what if you're doing a passpt photo for Ichabod Crane, wouldn't 
>the proportions of his face absolutely confound the guidelines????

	I shouldn't be extending this somewhat OT topic, but I 
couldn't resist. A few years ago I did a passport photo for one of my 
colleagues who has what can only be described as a ZZ Top beard (hope 
you know your rock groups). In order to follow the guidlines (which 
include beard length), his face was about the size of my finger nail, 
but when I ignored the guidlines and made his face larger, the photo 
was rejected. They mean what they say.

Roger Smith

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