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RE: Matchlock Cyan Skies

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Roger Smith wrote:

"Interesting coincidence (?)- I'm also using an Epson
Expression 636. Are you using the regular TWAIN scanning interface?"

Nope, I'm using the Silverfast interface (still version 3 originally shipped
with the scanner: since I hardly use the flatbed I saw no reason to spend
lots of $$ to upgrade).

"I did try scanning some profile charts using Ed Hamrick's
VueScan software. Interestingly they looked quite different from the
Epson TWAIN scans - the reds and pinks seemed more magenta, for
example. I printed some of my more troublesome purple-shifted photos
and the purple was greatly reduced. I've kept the profiles for using
with similar scenes in the future."

Interesting idea to use Vuescan. I didn't realize that it supported the 636.

The fun never stops, does it?


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