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Re: Printer DPI vs Resampling

Donald A Schiemann <DSCHIEMANN@prodigy.net> writes on 29 October 2000 at 11:10:48 -0700
 > After scanning with the LS-2000, I adjust the dimensions in PS and then
 > select whatever Resolution maintains the original file size, even if an
 > oddball number like 324.  My rationale is: don't discard any information
 > that the scanner supplied, nor ask for new information through
 > interpolation.  Make sense?

Yes, except it sounds like you're somehow doing this manually.  If you
end up making *small* size adjustments, that's the *worst* case, which
you want to strenuously avoid.  There's a checkbox for whether
resampling takes place; if you uncheck that, then you're safe. 
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