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Re: CMYK at ColorVision (was: New 2.06 versions ofProfiler/Doctor software posted)

Sam McCandless wrote:
>But this seemed not to affect me because months (that long!) ago, I bought the different ColorVision product Profiler CMYK (and Doctor Pro to go with it and Profiler RGB).

>The next sentence says, however, that "Profiler CMYK will not work under Photoshop 6, and warns of this." So? So I got the wrong "different ColorVision product". What's the right one? A $900 ProfilerPro that needs a spectrophotometer to keep it happy?


No, you don't have the "wrong" different ColorVision product! For making CMYK
profiles with Photoshop 6, there isn't a "right" product at the moment.

-None- of the Profiler plugins will build CMYK profiles under Photoshop 6,
including Profiler Pro. The reason CMYK profiling doesn't currently work with
-any- of our products under Photoshop 6 is that Adobe removed the "hooks"
to certain internal functions we had been using.

We're not the only ones who are affected by some of the changes in Photoshop 6.
I've read of other plugins which won't function at all, either, and I don't
believe that anyone else whose software is affected by the changes has shipped
updates to resolve the problems just yet. Photoshop 6 has just hit the streets;
it's a major change; and it's going to take a while for all the older versions
of plugins to get updates for full functionality with it.

>Or is this period, end of story? Change of title to "Stranded by Horses and Abandoned by ColorVision"?

Before you convince yourself that you've been "abandoned and stranded" (after
what, just a couple of days? :), don't forget:

- Buying Profiler Pro wouldn't help you build CMYK profiles under PS6, either.
Anyone who buys Profiler Pro (once we start shipping it) will face the same
restriction: if they want to build CMYK profiles, they'll have to install it
into a copy of Photshop 5.

- We're going to do something to work around this, and those changes should
be in the next major revision of the plugins.

- You can feel confident that there will be future updates to all of the plugins
(so that you, and everyone else, won't be "abandoned" or "orphaned"). We've
updated the software periodically since the beginning of the year; more
frequently than any of the other scanner-based profiles; there have been 3
updates to the Windows plugins, and 2 to the Mac plugins, since July. There
hasn't been any reduction in programming effort on the plugins since
ColorVision acquired Horses.

- The 2.06 plugins have already been modified so that some of the 2.05 functions
are now available under Photoshop 6 - namely, the Preview operations
have been changed to be compatible. This wasn't a small amount of work, since
the plugins now have to perform Previews one way under Photoshop 5, and a
different way under Photoshop 6. The missing piece right now is CMYK profiling,
and that's at the top of the list of things that get worked on next.


David Miller

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