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Re: MIS ink/glossy-paper combo

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> I have to disagree about not using glossy with piment inks. I have had
> results with the Epson Photo Paper. I would just like to see a glossier
> finish. The Kodak paper gave me a nicer finish but had the drying probem
> that is common with this ink.
> The search goes on.

The best glossy paper for drying with MIS arc inks (that  I have used) is
Kodak Premium Picture
Paper, and it still does not get truly hard.  But it is every bit as good as
Ilford Glossy and possibly slightly better in shadow penetration.

The key thing is that you have to spray these papers if you use MIS arc
inks.  It's a hassle and not trouble-free, but it makes them handle-able.

Joel Wilcox

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