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Re: Printer DPI vs Resampling

In a message dated 10/29/2000 7:32:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
sgrabhorn@jps.net writes:

> Talk about seeing differences in prints as you learn more and time goes
>  by. Been happening to me! Seems like the more I learn the more I think
> that I'm suffering from an inferiority complex.

In my quest to get longevity out of my prints without putting them under 
glass, I went to a local guy that has a Roland Hi-Fi and had a sample print 
made to compare with one from my 1200.  No comparison.  The Roland print was 
dotty, grainy and in general not as good as my 1200 print.  Now I'm not sure 
that I got a fair test, because the owner had fiddled around with my file 
(resampling and re sharpening).  But the thing was, he thought the print was 
great until I pointed out the flaws.  He, by the way, is an artist of some 
repute so you would think he would have a critical eye.  I taught him a few 
things about sharpening etc. and in the end got several prints for free. 

I'm waiting to hear more about the new Epson 7 color printer and in the 
meantime plan to add glass cutting to my digital imaging workflow.

Joe, about to spill some blood, Mead
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