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Re: Birmy RIP 5.2 & USB 3000

You are probably better off with the Yarc Xtreme free trail download.  The
dither is as good or better than the Birmy RIP, it has all of the same dot
compensation curves and then some, and it works with both USB and ethernet.
And the user support is locatable!


> Well sometime around 2:00am I got the 3000 to stop ejecting paper,
> went on to the fun things like Validation. (wish I could remember what
> I did)
> Since the G4 has no floppy I can't use my validation diskette. Last
> spring I had a lengthy, futile email go round with Birmy. They kept
> sending me invalid validation #'s. At the time there were changing
> domain names. Can't seem to find there 'current' name.

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