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Re: Inks for 3000

<x-flowed>>I don't know where you're from Dave, but have you experience with desert air?
>I'm still betting on humidity as the culprit.

Let me jump in and blow the dust around a bit. I received my 3000 
while in a residency in Taos (NM). Maybe even LESS humidity than 
Albuquerque, being at a higher elevation. I installed the OEM carts 
and everything printed beautifully, just not in cyan. I phoned Epson 
at 4pm on a Friday, a tired tech said "send it back, we'll have a new 
one on its way on Monday." I tried reinstalling the printer drivers, 
all was well-- some kind of sw glitch or install error the first 
time. I accepted the exchange, kept the by then partly-used carts 
from printer #1. Installed them in printer #2, saving the new carts 
that came with it for later. All was well.

I'm suspicious of the humidity angle. I've sent the second printer 
back to Epson for warranty service, over a year after I received it, 
and had to send it back to them a SECOND time on that call due to 
some further glitch (all shipping paid by Epson, BTW) and when it 
came back, installed carts, primed, all was well. In that 
two-round-trip journey from St. Paul to Indianapolis to St. Paul to 
Indianapolis to Palo Alto to Indianapolis-- and YET AGAIN from Palo 
Alto to Indianapolis to Palo Alto the printer travelled in the 
low-pressure-low-humidity cargo bay of FedEx airplanes quite a few 
times, as well as sitting around for a total of several weeks, all 
with no carts in the slots. Needles dry out? If they could have they 
should have, no?

It must be something else. If you are still under warranty, call 
Epson. It's their baby. Unless life IS perfect with the OEM carts and 
you can only reproduce the problem with third party inks and so forth.

Bob Tyson
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