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Re: 1160 & Archiva

Have you tested BFK with diluted Archiva? I didn't see anything on
Wilhelm's site about this combination. In my own experience, I've yet to
see fading on BFK with either Archiva (all of these prints were done using
undiluted Archiva in a 1520), Lysonic E, or, for that matter, Epson OEM.
The only prints I've made on traditional art paper that I can say have
definitely changed/faded were Epson OEM on Rives Heavyweight. I don't
torture test prints, though. I only use Epson papers for proofs or for
prints intended to be temporary, so my expectations for its archivalness
are limited. As you might imagine, if I'm printing on BFK, I'm not too
interested in using glossy papers, no matter how "archival". Do you know
how diluted Archiva fares with, say, Arches Hot/Cold Press or Arches Cover,
other papers that have physical qualities I like?

As for Wilhelm's results, I've observed before (and continue to do so),
that they are interesting but I can't really see them as "proof". It's hard
not to think of Wilhelm Years as something like Dog Years, if you know what
I mean. I think that anecdotal evidence from others about fading/not fading
of various paper/ink combinations under relatively normal conditions is
just as useful at this point in the history of these materials.

Richard Wohlfeiler

>I would just like to point out that the use of "Rives BFK" & Epson papers
>with the diluted Archiva ink in your 1160, will not give you much more that
>double the life of the Epson ink. Would highly recommend you use the Ilford
>papers, XG's UltraGloss, for maximum life--up to 50 Wilhelm years.
>The special "ink receptor" coatings on these papers combined with these
>inks, and our Wide Spectrum Inks, give them the "near archival" abilities.
>John Nollendorfs
>Lincoln Ink & Paper, Inc.

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