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Re: Birmy RIP 5.2 & USB 3000

Well sometime around 2:00am I got the 3000 to stop ejecting paper,
went on to the fun things like Validation. (wish I could remember what
I did)

Since the G4 has no floppy I can't use my validation diskette. Last
spring I had a lengthy, futile email go round with Birmy. They kept
sending me invalid validation #'s. At the time there were changing
domain names. Can't seem to find there 'current' name.

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000 05:47:52 GMT, you wrote:

>Anyone out there get Birmy RIP 5.2 to work with a 3000 using a
>usb/parallel cable?
>At this point it does a very nice job of ejecting paper from the 3000.
>Above par for Birmy in that it actually saw the printer the first go
>round on  a new install.

Shawn Coggins  http://www.herronparkhorsetrials.org/
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