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RE: New 2.06 versions of Profiler/Doctor software posted

<x-flowed>"Ian Young" <ian@iay.org.uk> wrote:

>David Miller said:
> > The latest 2.06 Profiler/Doctor plugins are up on both the
> > Horses web site at http://www.horsesllc.com and the
> > ColorVision site at http://www.colorcal.com.
> >
> > Please download and read the 2.06 update notes .pdf for your
> > platform before installing the new software!
>For those people who normally just upgrade without looking at the notes,
>this might be the time to break the habit of a lifetime.  In particular, if
>you were using (or had any intention of ever using) the basic CMYK profiling
>ability in the previous version of Profiler RGB, note that this facility has
>been completely removed in 2.06 as a "change in specification to the
>product".  The suggestion is made that if you want to do CMYK at all you
>should buy some more software from them now.  Thanks for the suggestion,

Yes, but what could you buy that would work with Photoshop 6? And is 
there an upgrade path from the CMYK software you already bought from 
them but which won't work with PS6?

>If you copy off the old V2.05 files before upgrading, you can probably get
>this feature back on an intermittent basis by copying files back and forth.
>Or, what certainly does seem to work is that if you have multiple versions
>of Photoshop lying around, you can have V2.05 paired with V5.5 and V2.06
>with V6, or whatever...

I can't imagine doing that.


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