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Printer DPI vs Resampling

I'm looking for opinions (or facts) on which of the following methods will 
result in the best quality print from an Epson printer.

I scan at 4000 DPI, do all my adjustments in Photoshop including cropping and 
now want to make a print that is 8" wide.  There are two ways I can obtained 
the 8 inches.

1) In Photoshop, pick an image DPI that is a multiple of 60, like 240, 300, 
360 etc. that gives an image that is close to 8" and then resample to get the 
8 inches. After the resample I would sharpen and mask the sharpen layer to 
get the sharpening where I want it.  This method is based on my understanding 
that Epson printers want DPI's that are multiples of 60.

2) In Photoshop, leave the DPI at 4000, sharpen and mask as before.  When it 
is print time, pick the DPI that gives the 8" dimension.  This might be an 
oddball DPI like 373.  This forces the Epson driver to deal with a DPI that 
is not a multiple of 60.

The second method has a decided advantage if you want several different sized 
prints from the sample file.

It really comes down to resample in Photoshop or let the Epson deal with odd 
ball DPI's.

Any ideas on which would give the best quality print?

Joe, tired of masking after resampling, Mead
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