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Re: PS6 coexisting with a web browser (was: RE: ps 6)

Bill Zimmermann writes:

> have found that Windows 98 SE is likely to crash if I close Photoshop
>and then open other programs.  Photoshop seems to leave things in memory
>after it is closed because if I take the precaution to reboot after I close
>Photoshop, I seldom have any Windows crashes.

Photoshop doesn't leave anything in memory (when a program terminates,
Windows reclaims all its memory; it doesn't depend on the application to
clean itself up), and we have lots of people here who use Photoshop at the
same time as, or followed by, or preceded by IE, Netscape, and other
programs on Win98 SE -- and all other current flavors of Windows -- with no
problems. Having IE (or anything else) die because you have previously run
Photoshop is *not* normal. Photoshop has bugs, but they're not *that*

You almost certainly have some other problem, like a conflict between
Photoshop and an installed utilitiy or driver, or a subtly damaged Windows
installation. You might give Adobe tech support a call. They may have a
list of potentially conflicting utilities and drivers. If they don't,
they'll probably start you down that path we all hate: reinstall this,
reinstall that. But they do it because it works a lot of the time.

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