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Monitor Syder (was Color Blind/Prove It)

<x-charset Windows-1252>I purchased my Monitor Spyder at Seybold SF and was told it would ship by
beginning of October. Emailed ColorVision and was told it was shipping last
week. Still no Spyder. Anyone actually received one, other than you David  :)

Diana York
Hawk Mountain Art Papers  www.hawkmtnartpapers.com
Hawk Mountain Editions  www.hawkmtneditions.com

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From: <CDTobie@aol.com>
> >> Enter the Monitor Spyder. This device is solid, effective, fast, the
> >specs rival anything on the market... and its a great looking substantial
> >of equipment, actually much more impressive to have around the office that
> >the more expensive pucks. And it costs less than a Chroma4. And it runs
> >OptiCal and PhotoCal, which are the preferred software of most all us color

> Well, its inside to the degree that I got about the 25th Spyder made, and
> have been playing with it for a while now, but there should be producton
> quantities available at PhotoExpo in New York at the beginning of the month.
> I'm pleased to say that the suction cups stay attached to the frame, the
> frame stays attached to the body, the USB cable is extra long, and the whole
> physical situation seems to be fine. The specs also look great, but they will
> need to test more units before the statistical averages are official. Looks
> so far as though it should compare nicely to the X-Rite Monitor
> Optimizer/DTP92 at a fraction of the price.
> C. David Tobie
> Design Cooperative
> CDTobie@designcoop.com

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