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RE: VueScan & Epson 1200S success & question.

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Roger Smith wrote (in part)

> 	VueScan is clunky on the Mac because it was written for
> Windows and Ed Hamrick has run into some problems porting it to the
> Mac and Linux. It is worth working through the learning curve, though
> - most people feel it does a better job than the native scanning
> software packaged with many scanners.

I use VueScan on a PC, and it's clunky there too. Even so, I find it
very valuable. And I respect Ed Hamrick's work and contribution to our
on-line community very highly.

Maybe VueScan is even clunkier on the Mac; I haven't tried it there,
yet. But as a professional interaction designer, I have a very different
perspective on why it is so hard to learn and use.

The core problem is interaction design. First, the conceptual design is
based on an implementation model: the interface reflects an engineering
view of scanners and software, instead of the users' predictable
intentions and workflow. Then that problem is compounded by numerous
inappropriate interface design decisions.

No matter what the internals of software have to be, the users' view
must be designed around the human user and predictable tasks if the
software is to be easy to learn, understand, and use. This is not easy,
and is a very different issue from engineering and software

Ed Hamrick and I have exchanged several emails on the VueScan interface.
He recognizes issues exist, but has chosen to focus his limited
resources on scanner support and image quality. I understand and respect
his decision. I hope (and expect) over time he will make interface
improvements as well.

Richard Wolfson
rwolfson at LyricDesign.com

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