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RE: Matchlock Cyan Skies

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>>===== Original Message From CDTobie@aol.com =====
>In a message dated 10/27/00 9:14:58 AM, jowilcox@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu writes:
>>What's an "implied space", and where do he lurk?  It sounds like you're
>>suggesting that on Windows machines one cannot really bring data with a
>>designated space (Vuescan-generated image in AdobeRGB) into Photoshop
>>working space (also AdobeRGB) without its being mangled by sRGB.  Is this
> Its a bit difficult to guarantee that a path through ICM2 doesn't include
>sRGB at some point, either due to scanner or printer drivers that are based
>on Window's sRGB workflow, or by an assumed profile of sRGB during the
>process. Any file not tagged, or not successfully tagged, or with a tag not
>successsfully read, will get run through sRGB... others might or might not. I
>recently read the specs of a $3000 digital camera that claimed the camera's
>color space was... sRGB!
>C. David Tobie

There was quite a discussion about this on the Filmscanners list several weeks 
ago, just prior to Ed Hamrick's latest revisions and rollout of Epson flatbed 
support.  My sense of this (and I'm not a learned source of info about these 
things) is that Ed made a concerted effort to make his program work better 
than simply putting a space tag on an sRGB file, although I'm not saying it 
ever was transported through sRGB in the first place.  I'm not sure what the 
difference between having the tag on the file and "being in that space" 
actually is, but I know nobody wants to have a "nice" tag like AdobeRGB simply 
appended to an sRGB file.

Assuming that Vuescan is working as I think it is -- raw scan cropped out into 
the desired space -- I'm intrigued by the results:  very nicely saturated 
colors when a straight profile is generated from this source through 
ProfilerRGB.  Indeed, I might actually pull the saturation slider in the 
negative direction for the first time ever.

Joel Wilcox

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