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Re: Med-Format Scanner Share?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Rafe,

If you haven't heard about Polaroid's upcoming Sprintscan 120 check
out the link below for a pic and specs.  Price is rumored to be as low
as $2500!


If you do want 4x5, I still feel the T-2500 is the best value in a new
scanner.  The best value used is probably the Leafscan 45, if you can
find one with low miles especially.


> I've taken the plunge and ordered my first-
> ever medium-format camera.
> Alas, scanners for 645 format are a rare
> and expensive breed.  The models I lust
> after are generally $3K or so, used, on
> eBay.  (eg., Leafscan 45, Powerlook 3000,
> Howtek 4500, Agfa 2500, Polaroid 45, etc.)
> All of them will scan 645, 6x6, 6x7, and
> 4x5" film.
> If there's anyone on the list -- particularly
> in the New England or MA area -- who'd like
> to discuss a joint purchase of such a beast,
> please email me off-list.
> Meanwhile, I'll be looking at having scans
> done at a local lab, at $15 apiece.
> rafe b.

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