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Re: Big-time clog of cyan on my 1160 w/CIS

Thanks all for the advice. I'll try to get to this tonight. Specific
responses below:

> From: "Dave King" <kingphoto@mindspring.com>

> This method (3/16" heat shrink tubing over inlet spikes) works far
> better than any other, but I would get a 3cc syringe and the little
> funnel that goes in where the needle usually goes, and *gently* push
> your cleaning fluid through the nozzles.

This sounds reasonable to me too, but what is the 'little funnel'? Is that
something you buy at a drugstore along with the syringe? The folks at
nomorecarts recommended the paper towel technique as well.

> From: William Robinson <willrob@chorus.net>
> terrible cyan clogs using the MIS brand inks. The folks at
> Nomorecarts (who make the CIS) told me that they have had many

> From: jowilcox <jowilcox@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu>
> 1160/CIS running MIS archival inks for several months with NO problems.

I am using MIS inks. Don't know where I got the idea they were OEM. Just
checked their web page again and there's nothing to lead me to think that.
The product number is ESC800. They are not their archival inks, but the ones
meant to simulate Epson's.

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