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Re: True "E" and True "M" surfaces -- wassat?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi Patrick:

You have never done your own darkroom processing...my
mystical powers tell me this.  8)

The E surface photographic papers have been very popular
over the years.  They have a textured surface but have a
certain gloss which makes them have a 'rich' tonal range, or
so it appears.  You probably have portraits at home printed
on this surface.  It looks like they took a glossy surface
paper (such as 'F') and then took fairly fine sandpaper,
layed it on top, then pressed it into the surface.  Epson's
new Luster is fairly close this look.

Of course, M = matte surface.

By the way, I have printed a few images onto the Prem Luster
with both the 1270 and 2000P and the paper prints very
nicely, even with the built in Epson settings.

bob snow
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From: Patrick Jennings <patrick@synaptic.bc.ca>
Subject: True "E" and True "M" surfaces -- wassat?

On the epson papers and media pages it refers to the Premium
Luster paper as 'True "E"' and the Archival Matte as 'True
"M"'.  What the heck are they talking about?

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