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Help! my weasel trashed my 760/repair question

Alas! My ferret got into my 760 printer which I use for quadtone printing.
She managed to extract a long, thin, flexible, smoked grey strip of
plastic. It is about 14.5 inches long, 1/4 inch wide and about the
thickness of epson cardstock paper. At one end is a slot running parallel
to the long side, about 1/4 inch long and less than 1/8 inch high. Beside
the slot are two letter "S", one above the other on a black background. The
other end has a small hole closest to the end about 1/8 inch in diameter,
with a slot beside it, similar to the one on the other end. One corner of
this end of the strip is clipped off. The translucent grey plastic itself
seems to have very fine paralle lines running perpendicular to the long
edge, but one has to look very closely to see them. I am describing all
this, as the very nice Epson tech guy could not see anything like it in his
model 760 and there were a few other internal differences that we
discovered while on the phone. Does anyone on the list have a 760 with a
similar piece of plastic visible anywhere inside? When I turn the printer
on now, the cartridges just slam back and forth and then the red lights
come on.  Tech support says it sounds like a "homing problem". I am hoping
to avoid a trip to a service centre, since this is obviously not a warranty
item and I have been using quad ink since the printer was new. If I can
figure out where the piece attached, I may be able to put it back, since it
is not damaged as far as I can see.  It must be accessible, since the
ferret isn't THAT  small. She is addicted to small soft plastic things, but
this piece is quite stiff but flexible. One could tie it in a loose knot. I
am trying to think of something else made of a similar material, but
failing. The tech guy was not at all surprised by the weasel question. He
said they are trained to deal with rats, lizards and all manner of strange
invaders. Actually his first question was "Is the ferret OK?" I had to say
"Yes, but maybe not for long!" Apparently he once had to deal with a lizard
that went thru the rollers. The red wasn't ink. Yuk! Anyway, any and all
help would be greatly appreciated. 
Tina Martin
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