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Re: [Re: Paper recommendations for use with Xtreme Gamut?]


I believe you're referring to one of my previous answers.
Yes I still use XG inks with a variety of papers, including XG Gloss, Reflections, Satine, and
Zyphyre. I do not display the Reflections, and when I finish what I have probably will not
reorder. XG gloss images have been framed and hung in a sun-lit room since May, with no observable
shift of any kind. Also have a Somerset Enhanced and Concorde Rag print framed and hung in the
same room. The Concorde shows no shift, but I'm not sure about the Somerset Enhanced. I did not
put away a control print, but to my memory's eye it appears that there may be a lessening in
intensity of the red tones. Not sure however and will have to delay judgement on that. So, all in
all I am satisfied. By the way, Satine is sold as a competitor to Somerset and I like it better to
work with. Have yet to test its stability.

Remember, however, that I am using the 4-ink 3000 and don't have to contend with the diluted
magenta and cyan. The dilutions complicate things.

Judith Lipmanson

Leon Shreves wrote:

> Hi Judith,
> Some time ago you responded to my request for recommended paper types (see
> below). I haven't had too much luck with XG becuase of the photo Cyan and
> Magenta problems on the 1200.
> I will be trying out the new XG formulation real soon now. Hopefully, XG inks
> will soon perform better on 6 color printers.
> Have you been having problems with color shift or fading?  Have any papers
> surfaced as your most preferred.
> Please excuse this direct solicitation for follow up information. I appreciate
> your help in the past.
> Regards,
> Leon Shreves
> JEL <minerva@libertybay.com> wrote:
> I've used most of the fine art papers with my XG inks on the 3000: Concorde,
> Somerset Enhanced, and Arches. Have also used Glacier Matte, Epson matte and
> a
> few others I can't recall. The only problem I had was with Somerset Enhanced
> which seems to vary between lots. Made a Matchlock profile and got very good
> prints. Tried Waterford, but that was a bust. Too much dot gain for me. Gave
> that paper up.
> Judith Lipmanson
> Shreves Leon wrote:
> > I'd like to ask you all what paper you'ld recommend with XG. I am generally
> > more interested in matte or watercolor finish than glossy, though I would
> > like any recommendations you care to provide.
> >
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