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Re: Matchlock Cyan Skies

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> After following these threads I'm starting to understand
> what's going on with colour shifts caused by profiling software. My
> only problem with MatchLock Profiler RGB is almost the opposite of
> the "cyan skies" - my skies and water sometimes turn purple. I have
> been able to compensate by desaturating the magenta in the blue areas.
> I was glad to read Dan's second posting quoted above. I've
> just started to experiment with making profiles using different media
> settings, and I've already seen a difference. David of NoMoreCarts
> also suggested trying different media settings when making profiles
> using No Color Adjustment.
> Keep up the good suggestions, everyone!
> Roger Smith

Do you have enough experience with settings vis a vis profiles to make any
general remarks about the different settings?

Short of that, maybe you could just tell me how you're getting purple and
I'll try to find a way to split the difference with you on some cyan skies.

Joel Wilcox

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