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Re: Ultra Stable Archival Canvas with Lysonic ink with photo ex

<x-charset Windows-1252>> I'm looking for is canvas I can buy at banner length (longer than
> A3) for large panoramic prints that will stay stable. Is Ultrastable any
> good, where do I get it?

Ultrastable has been well regarded in the Iris community for some time. I've
printed on it using an Epson 3000 with Lysonic-E and found it to be superior
to other ink jet canvases that I've tried. Feeding it into your printer,
even in cut-sheets, should be done through the banner feed slot since it is
quite thick.

I believe that www.inkjetmall.com has the product in rolls and cut-sheets.
You might also try www.digitalartsupply.com or Ink Jet Art Solutions at

If you have specific questions about the product itself, its creator,
Charles Berger, used to monitor this list, but I have misplaced his e-mail

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA

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