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Re: Photoshop 6

<x-flowed>At 4:08 PM -0400 10/20/00, JEL wrote:
>I also like the palette well in general -- except for the fact that a
>tab closes up when the cursor is put anywhere and clicked. Why is this
>an inconvenience? I frequently open the info palette, take white, black,
>and grey samples with the eyedropper + tool, and then open a curves
>adjustment layer. The info tab flies back to the well as soon as I open
>the layer. If I open the layer first and then open the info tab to use
>the 3 sets of eyedropper readings, the tab takes off to the well as soon
>as I click on the curve to make a correction. And once I have the
>adjustment layer open I cannot open any well tabs. Haven't tried a
>non-lay curves adjustment as I never do them. Work only in layers.
>Doing curve adjustments for all channels requires my being able to
>reference the dropper readings, which means I either have to write them
>down or drag the info pallette out of the web and then back when
>finished. Has anyone found a different workaround? As I said before it
>would be nice to have an option for manual close of a well tab.
The easiest workaround is to not put the info palette in the well. I 
think the palette well was intended to store palettes that you need 
to look at quickly to set something, then get rid of. I keep the 
palettes I use constantly (in my case, info, channels, layers) 
arranged down the right side of the screen (or on a second monitor on 
my two-monitor setups), and use Tab when I need to hide them. The 
others go in the well, where I can access them quickly to do one 
thing, then they go away again.

I agree that it would be nice to have a manual close on the palettes 
in the well, but that would be a different feature, and not 
necessarily a better one. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I've 
been working with 6 since last January, and now that I understand its 
behavior I find the palette well very useful as is.

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