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Re: Epson StylusRIP 4.10

>>Brian (earlier post) mentioned hearing something about not being 
>>able to print 90 degree rotation. Do you see any problems there?
>First a question, why do you need to print the rotation in the 
>driver? (From PhotoShop?) It's so easy to present the file to the 
>driver in an un-rotated format that you can save the driver or 
>StylusRIP a lot of work up front.
>Otherwise, I haven't printed a rotated anything with v. 4. I ran 
>into the oddities of printing rotated documents in v. 3.3, when I 
>was printing page layouts including images from PageMaker. It was a 
>nightmare and eventually I settled on producing my books in the 
>orientation they would run through the printer, even though this 
>required some counter-intuitive work, for example setting up and 
>printing a wide page by using a vertical orientation on-screen. 
>Images are easy to work with either way but setting type on the 
>vertical asks for some patience.
>Bob Tyson

I don't need to print rotation out of Photoshop and probably wouldn't 
use StylusRIP as this Postscript driver directly out of Photoshop. 
I'm just looking for user alerts with regard to StylusRIP version 4.1.
The Epson readme (or was it VersionTracker's intro) for 4.1 says 
something about benefitting multiple users sharing the printer. Since 
this is how we are set up (no central Print Server) I was curious to 
hear more about any problems 4.1 corrected.

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