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Re: 1160 or 1200, and ink

Thank you for all the replies I've been getting. I really appreciate it.

I'm not sure if I've got this right but it sounds like it is the Epson
inks and paper that causes the orange shift, and the reason the 1270 and
870 are particularly at fault is because they have the chip in their
cartridges and can't use 3rd party inks. So if I buy the 1200 or 1160
and use Epson inks, I might still have the risk of orange shift?

I haven't figured out what OEM, CIS, or Generations are yet. (Is there a
basic website that explains all this? I'm sure you all are tired of
answering these newbie questions.)

I am also having trouble following the logic of Epson's numbering of
their machines. (ie, why is the 3000 considered lesser quality than
1160? and what is the "60" mean in 1160?) And since the 1160 and the
1200 are both wide format, is there a model that is the same quality but
regular format?

The artwork I'm looking to reproduce is very dark and rich. (My 600 has
never come close to being able to achieve that level of saturation.)
Perhaps one of these printers will be better for this type of art?
Because Barry said:

> The 1200 just lays down too much ink,
but I'm thinking that might be a good thing for me. The art is at
http://lswstudio.homestead.com/main.html , if anyone has a minute to
look at it.

thanks again,
linda sw

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