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RE: Big-time clog of cyan on my 1160 w/CIS

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>>===== Original Message From epson-inkjet@leben.com =====
>since one can't buy Epson OEM inks in bulk [unless you're emptying
>carts from a 3000] chances are you're using third party inks. I had
>terrible cyan clogs using the MIS brand inks. The folks at
>Nomorecarts (who make the CIS) told me that they have had many
>similar complaints with MIS clogging.
>The cyan head in my 760 had to be replaced under warranty. I switched
>to We-Ink brand and haven't any clogs in either the 760 or my 1160

1160/CIS running MIS archival inks for several months with NO problems.

Joel Wilcox

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