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Re: CIS choice

At 09:53 AM 10/24/2000 +0000, Alana Lea Gordey  wrote: 

Also in one of the last posts on CIS choice, Rafe mentioned CIS's David
having run a thread earlier about why the 700 wouldn't work...so apply this
to your EX and you may have the reason. From my newly wizened vantage
point, it would seem that CIS only sells product that they are reasonably
sure will work. 
- Alana 

The story that David gave at that time was that the only way to reset the
cartridge counter was to remove and replace the cartridge and that would
cause air bubbles/clogs.  The switch that indicates that the cartridge has
been replaced in in a location that is difficult to get at and attempting
to activitate it could cause other damage to the machine.  No indication of
the type of problem you seem to have.

James E. Martz
Milan, OH
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